Monday, February 22, 2010

6th Spelling for 2-22

Sixth Grade Spelling words for 2/22-26

1.agenda-(N)the program for a meeting;a list,outline,or a plan of things to be considered or done
3.befuddle-(V)to confuse, make stupid
4.blight-(N)a disease that causes plants to wither and die; a conditionof a disease or ruin;(V)to destory or ruin
5.boissterous-(ADJ)rough and noisy in a cheerful way;high-spirited
7.compliant-(ADJ)willing to to what someone else wants;obediant
8.conserve(V)to preserve;to keep from being damaged;lost or wasted;to save
9.debut-(N)a first public apperance;a formal entrence into society(V)to make a first apperance
10.gory-(ADJ)marked by bloodshed
11.gross-(ADJ)overweight;coarse;(N)an overall total(without deduction);twelve dozen;to earn
12.induce-(V)to cause,bring about;to persuade
13.leeway-(N)x-tra space for moving along a certain rout;allowance for mistakes or innaccuracies;margin of error
15.maze-(N)a network of paths to which is hard to find ones way or somethingthat can predict the future
17.partisan-(N)a strong supporter of a person,party,or cause
18.rimburse-(V)to payback;to give payment for
19.vacate-(V)to go away from,leave empty
20vagabond-(N)an adle wanderer;a tramp;(ADJ)wandering;irresponsible

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Homework – Monday night students will make notecards with spelling words.
Tuesday night – The students will write their own sentences using this weeks spelling words.
Friday – Assessment on spelling words and definitions.

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